Friday, August 15, 2008

Snake River Harley-Davidson

You see, it’s hard to ride through a town that has a Harley dealership and not pay a visit. The dyed-in-the-wool fanatic has to stop in to take a careful look at the T-shirts and everything else on display, including a hunt for perfect chrome and leather. It’s a rite of some kind... like going to Mecca. I love the smell, sound and spectacle of it and I just ignore the rest of my senses (primarily the 'common one) when I am in a shop.

I like to say I am making the stop to get my proverbial “fanatic card punched.” In fact, one time I made the comment in a Harley shop with other customers around and an awestruck listener asked if there was such a card (are you paying attention here Harley marketing folks?) I said “No. But if there was I would have one."

As my most noble and wise brother-in-law and fellow Harley rider, Butch Thomas, says when it comes to things related to Harley-Davidson®, “You gotta do what you gotta do.” To add emphasis I say, "It's fanaticism. It is what it is". So the Snake River H-D dealership in Twin Falls, Idaho was on our list and we made the stop.

You also need to know that the collection of dealer logos on the backs of black T-shirts is a statement of art that is carefully practiced among Harley riders. My riding buddy, Al "Coyote" Munguia, bought a bunch of T-shirts. That’s the way it is out there on the road... struggling to make it to the next T-shirt stop.

I know, I know, we're not talking about the Louvre or the Met here but hey, if I am wearing it on my back this is how I want it to look...

For more on this plus the "Mother of all Rallies - Sturgis" and related Badass matters, check this book out!

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