Saturday, October 18, 2008

Traffic Cone?!

Over the years my family has come to accept that I have my share of eccentricities or idiosyncrasies.  Yes, the words mean pretty much the same and yes,  my family likes the “idio…” version best.
This shirt made by RK Stratman
Its the best of Muscle T's
That's because of the fit on the shoulder
And the quality of the cotton.
They are not always easy to find.

Many have to do with the fact that I am a certifiable Harley-Davidson fanatic.  For example, I collect Harley themed dealer t-shirts.  “Well.” you say, “Everybody who rides Harleys does.”  
Yes they do but I take it one step further.  I collect Harley “muscle-t’s.”  These are the kind that are manufactured without sleeves.  I have them in black, white, grey and yes, Harley-Davidson orange.  I wear them constantly when I am not travelling.
It is, in fact a habit I am proud to share with my neighbor, Joe Sixpack, who has been more recently referred to in some circles as Joe The Plumber.

It’s the orange ones that put my family members over the proverbial top.  In short, they can’t stand them. When I wear orange muscle-t’s my loving affectionate son, Tyler has taken to referring to me as “Pylon” and when formality dictates; “Traffic Cone.”  Since I am in charge around here, my response is typically, “Hey, let’s show a little respect.  It’s ‘Traffic Cone Sir’ to you buddy.” 

Anyway, it’s not so Joe.  I have visual proof as you can readily see in the photos that accompany this affidavit. Me and my orange t-shirt? = A traffic cone/pylon?

I think not!

There is a book about all this yes... it is called "Badass" and you can click on the title to find it or right HERE


CBrownass said...

So where is the tatoo??

TomC said...

Thank you for this question CB! For an exhaustive (exhausting?), see the May, 2008 post, "Tattoo".