Tuesday, May 27, 2008


People have often asked me
If I have a tattoo.
After all
It is something regularly
Associated with a Harley rider.

I tell them
I am waiting
For my son and daughter
To get old enough to realize
How stupid tattoos are...

Then I will get one.


jack sender said...

i wanna go where you go
where people often ask
if you have a tatoo

Waiting for the Big Giant said...

i think you should wear a tutu instead of getting a tatoo.

Be a trend setter!

TomC said...

Well.. its most often when I am around people who don't have Harleys, but are fascinated by what they imagine is the experience... those are the ones who ask about a tatoo.

And... a tutu wold be okay if it were not for the wind that blows relentlessly when you are at speed on the Hog.