Thursday, November 13, 2008

Chili Baaaybeeeee!

This is a little known fact. All bikers, especially Harley riders have to eat.

In reality, the constant stress of lusting after chrome, leather, speed and the open road gives them quite prodigious appetites. That explains why most of them wear chain extensions on their leather vest snaps. It allows a little more breathing room for their...well, you know.

So it likely comes as no surprise to know I too experience this phenomenon.
Why just today, as she left for work my wife Julieann rustled up some chili in the crockpot and asked me to keep an eye on it. While it is true that I am extremely busy when I am at home instead of travelling in my consultant work I nevertheless agreed. I have to do my part of course. Plus, I asked for the chili as I love the stuff when the weather turns cool.

Well I checked it a few minutes ago and it seemed all right. In fact, it seemed great so I decided to do a no-notice Internal Quality Assurance audit. Following my rigid self-imposed guidelines I grabbed a large spoon and filled a big bowl with it. I then secretly added chili sauce to spike the product a little further. I called for volunteers to test it and, hearing no answers decided I would have to take the ultimate risk and use myself as test subject. I grabbed a bag of saltines for reinforcement and dove in. It was touch and go several times as I would alternately 'touch' a spoonful of chili or a cracker and test both, repeatedly. Unfortunately, I had some crackers left over so I had to grab a jar of blueberry jam to give them substance before I ate them. Verdict: delicious!  Now this evening, I will probably be expected to eat some of it for dinner as well. I know, I know. "The horror!" you say. But I am up to it. I'm tough.

I'm tellin' you right now the life of a biker is not a pretty one... especially the chili watching part.


CharlieG said...

Tom: Your colorful post struck a nerve as I am both a lover of chili as well as a student of the sometimes evil concoction. Any recipes to share?

Your still nestled comfortably in the foothills friend.

TomC said...

Thank you for the comment Charlie! No special recipes. It's pretty ordinary... Just some hamburger, kidney beans, tomatoes, chili powder and chili sauce, mixed to taste. I am pretty happy with the simple stuff!