Sunday, January 18, 2009


That's the way you want to do it.
Clean your Harley... perfectly.
Therein lies the literal 'rub'.

Yes, there is zen at work here.
Get your Hog up on a jack, Grab a mechanic's stool,
A beer and a stogie...
Include requisite cleaning material and you are off on a few hours
Of therapy that cleans your mind more than your bike.

However, you will learn the hard way never to wipe off your bike with anything dry.
This method rubs dust and fine particles into the paint and scratchs it.
Simple as that.

You must always use something wet.
You must always use something soft.
You must never rub hard.

Like most, I have a dozen or more cleaning products around for my Hog;
Washes, waxes, polishes and protectorants.
I like them all and their common denominator?...
They are all wet. (Some would say just like me.)

I have the best rags known to man.
I have Harley manufactured wipes for applying cleaning and waxing products.
I have micro-fiber rags for wiping off the aforementioned.
I have slightly used family towels for any purpose.
I have shop rags for the dirty work.

While rags may be universally recognized as a symbol of poverty,
I could easily go broke purchasing them.
All in the name of doing the job... perfectly.

Go to Harley forums for advice, Google the topic as well.
You will find a million different products and methods
For doing the job... perfectly.

What is inevitable though is...
There will be scratches.
For all your efforts, it will not come out... perfectly.
That is why you have keep the beer and stogie close at hand.
They fit the scenario... perfectly.

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