Thursday, April 23, 2009

Handlebar - to - Handlebar

Just this morning
Cruising out of Lake Tahoe
To Sacramento
With friend Alonzo "Coyote" Munguia

Certain safe stretches
Based on ten years of riding together
We go handlebar - to - handlebar
Coyote on left side of lane, me on right

Motorcycles... Harley's... side-by-side
Synchronized rumble of pipes
Images and shadows reflecting off one another
Trusting in skills and awareness

You have seen or heard this before
Countless times as in:

"Foxhole buddies"
"Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid"
"Thelma and Louise" (grin)
"Wyatt and Billy" (Easy Rider)
Norma and Al Munguia
Judy and Butch Thomas
Julie and Tom Campbell

All know the good path and the value of friendship
Besides, you gotta' love those pipes!!!



Julie said...

Hello. I saw you at Annie's place. This is awesome. It's nice to read you.

TomC said...

Julie... thanks for checking this out! I have a lot of fun with this so I will keep them coming.

Thank you again.