Monday, March 8, 2010

Flappin' Cheeks

“Al had decided he was going to become one with the road so he left his detachable windshield at the hotel.  I glanced over at him while we had the baggers mellowed at 3,000 rpm  (about 80mph) and his cheeks were plastered back around his ears.  He looked like he was pulling around 8 G’s, but it was just the wind making his face into silly putty.  I wanted to slow down so he wouldn’t look like he was suffering too much but I managed to overcome the thought and he kept flappin’."
(photo rt: TC, Willie G. Davidson hisownself and Alonzo "El Coyote" Munguia - rear with hat is Bill Davidson, Willie's son and newly appointed CEO of HD as of April 2010 - I have Sharpie authographs of both on the vest I am wearing in the picture)
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