Monday, June 4, 2012

Behind the Badass Book

First, editions.
Soon to be enshrined in the Smithson Bar and Grill
museum (seewhatididthere?)
of rare black, pebble grain leather bound books.
As the Badass book second edition
Enters its second year
There is news!
The buttery soft, leather covered
First edition sold out rapidly

(Although I have a hundred or so personal copies I will gladly part with for a princely sum.)

It became an international best seller
When, after just a few months in print
A person from Australia bought one.

Then, just this past year
After relentless demand
(Or maybe it was just my curiosity)
The second edition came out

This was an Amazon exclusive e-book with added chapters,
An expanded chapter, "Riders of the Purple Sage"
And some really astute edits... I think

The award winning (if it were nominated) interior design.
But then... back to the origins. That is, from whence it came...

Once upon a time, a Harley Davidson fanatic
Was also a travelling health care consultant
Who specialized in borrowing people's watches
So he could tell them what time it was

He spent a lot of time on long flights
Learning to obey crotchety stewardesses
And to help kill the time wrote a book
About his runaway fanaticism

Then, one day while
Browsing wares in Seattle's Pike Market
With his blushing bride Julieann

He came across an artisan and poet
Who bound his own works in leather
And also was a self-proclaimed publisher

The fanatic thought...
"Black pebble grain leather, like a biker jacket
Suits Harley riders to a 'T'
So that's how we are going to do it!"

His blushing bride, with a heart too kind, agreed

So the fanatic worked with the artisan,
Editing and re-editing, debating chapters,
Seeking reviews to include with the book,
Reequipping the artisan's fast failing manufacturing facility,
(A one room apartment)
Buying a few black, pebble grain leather cowhides,
And a few cases of paper

In the end, "Badass" was born
And sold via a web site
And sold via the artisan's table in Pike Market
And sold via pressure on close friends to "buy or else"
(Kind of like when your pal throws a Tupperware party knwowhatimeanVern?!)
And sold via postings on Harley Davidson Internet forums

So that is how it all went down.
It was an adventure unto its own self

The fanatic author is tickled at the thought others would
Want to read of his preoccupation with Harleys, and with life.

(Don't forget you can click on the photos for hi-resolution close ups.) can click anywhere on this sentence to check out the book "Badass."

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