Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Few and the Shop Bound

I took a ride to Gold and Mark Twain country for a late lunch.
Its in adjoining California counties of Amador and Calaveras.
Pretty beautiful in "them there" hills.
It was about 100 miles round about.
Lunch was in the old mining town of Jackson.

Got there looking "bad" on the Harley, climbed off,
spit out a couple of bugs,
then went into the rosebud restaurant for a
barbecue sandwich special.

It was a damn near perfect, lean and tender sandwich with a
side of home style potato salad.

After, I moseyed outside (you "mosey" in mining country you know).
Next, I lit a small Partagas cigar and squinted carefully
Then I continued to "mosey" up and down the wooden walkway.
Enjoyed the shop windows but not so the women who, in midweek,
were pretty much limited to shop workers.
I think they are referred to as "The Few, The Plain and The Shop Bound."
(Not to be confused with "The Good, The Bad and The Ugly")
I know, I know, Deborah Kerr worked in a shop as part of a
Western movie once upon a time.
But Deborah was not there that day.

Then, I climbed back on the HOG,
revved the aftermarket (loud) pipes a few times and
roared out of town...
Leaving "The Few and the Shop Bound" shading their eyes
with their hands to get a better view of my back
Wondering who that dude with the chiseled good looks
and distinguished gray hair was...or not.


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