Saturday, March 19, 2011

Pimp Walk

A few years ago I was learning to accommodate
My pimped out 100th Anniversary Road King.
Changed her for a new Street Glide in '08.
I miss her and all her bling!
Click on the photo to enlarge
An arthritic hip and associated back problems
That made me adjust my gait
When I had a memorable chance encounter.

I was at the grocer's
Had parked and was walk/shuffling/limping into the store
When an employee, a black man
Returning carts to its entrance noticed me and inquired, "Hey man... Is that your pimp walk or did you hurt your leg?"

I laughed and all I could think of to respond was; "Both!"

Fast forward to yesterday
Hip just replaced, I now have a fairly normal looking walk.

Daughter Samantha and I were in a theater parking lot
And I said, "Hey Sam!  Remember that story about the pimp walk?
Now that my hip is fixed I can really do it watch!

I then did my best impression and she quickly said,
"Dad, I don't think you own it."
I said, "What?" (A word my pitiful ears have made me internationally famous for.)
"Own," she said, "I don't think you own it."

Another fine laugh and memory.
I love how these things keep accumulating
Adding to a treasure chest of warm hearted moments.

So you are asking yourself what this has to do with a blog about riding Harley's right? Well, before the hip and pimp walk fix... I would hardly ride a mile without feeling like I had a toothache in my  rear end... toothache gone!

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