Sunday, December 19, 2010

Pit E. Full

The World's Greatest Rehab Tech and Yours Truly.
I sit here... on a rainy Sunday.
Bathed in the soft glow of of the fickle lights on
The Christmas Tree From Hell.
I notice the four family socks
Hung gracefully on the fireplace mantel.
I am surrounded by little things
Aimed to comfort me as I heal.
Water, coffee, cell phone, laptop
TV remote, extra  blanket, dog Molly.
I am fresh off major sugery
A week tomorrow.
The results exceed my expectations.
I plan to ride across the United States in May.
To participate in the Rolling Thunder Rally for Veterans (POW/MIA) in Washington DC.
This surgery is aimed to get me there.
The trip was on my "bucket list" before the term was invented.
Julieann is spoiling me, yes more so than usual.
She is trying her best to anticipate my every need.
She is succeeding.
I am riding high on pain meds and good old TLC.
I should be ashamed of myself.
I'm not.

*For earlier posts that anticipated this situation please refer to "Cairo Practica, Cairo Practica II and III and Rack'em!"

For an update on the surgery 'its own self' see:

"Minimally Invasive" - The Sordid Details


Anonymous said...

I'm glad to hear you are doing good Tom. I wrote you a note yesterday, but the dumbies would not send it!! I'm sure Julie is a really good nurse, now don't run her down or you may not have a Christmas dinner. I'm here at Pat and Larry's new home in Safari Waters and it is unbelievable!! I saw the zebra and deer--Larry was fishing in the lake out the back door, but no luck. You take care Tom and tell everyone I love you all, Grandma and Arlene

Annie said...

Hi Tom,
You have a good excuse for being pampered. I hope you are being a good "patient" and your recovery is rapid. Merry Christmas to you and Julieann!