Monday, July 27, 2009

Cattle Drive

I was in the high desert.
Between Alkali Flat and Wagontire

Cattle in groups of 10-50 were heading along the fence line
In the opposite direction.
This went on for a what seemed like several miles.
There could have easily been a thousand head.
I couldn't see anyone making them move.
I couldn't figure them.

When I hit breakfast at the world famous
(Well maybe not but it should be.) Wagontire cafe,
I asked Cheryl about them.
"Yes, there are riders driving them.
Three riders and two dogs.
They are moving them down to Juniper Creek
So they don't have to haul water as far to them."

Not long after, I was back in civilization.
Or was I?
In retrospect, I think Wagontire may have had better qualifications.

Spokane is a beautiful town,
growing, vibrant and busy.
I spent time there with an old friend, Jack Ohl of
more than thirty years and I was able to catch two of son Tyler's tour shows.
(Plug time:

It was good to get back on the road today though.
To look for more cattle drives.
To see beautiful Lake Coeur d'Alene.
To feel the crisp mountain air.
To straighten the sweeping Interstate twisties.
To track down another of the world's greatest restaurants.

To be back in civilization.

(Note to The Coyote - yes, I promised I would make you suffer for not figuring out a way to join me on this trip... I visited Montana Harley Davidson today. They had a great t-shirt. I bought one. They had your size too. I did not buy you one. Yeah, yeah I know you will get me back by buying that 2010 Sunglo Red HD Street Glide and I will definitely be gritting my teeth over it but I will keep getting these digs in while I can.)


Chuck Spooner said...

Tom, are you out there all alone? Darn that Coyote! Is he making excuses about work and stuff like that? Tell him to get his butt out there! It is way cool that you are doing this, and that you are crossing paths with Ty along the way. Is APR going to be playing the rally in Sturgis? Great posts, Tom. Keep 'em coming.

TomC said...

Thanks Chuck!

Nope, I am not out here alone. I have my HOG with me. Yup, hooking up with Ty and his bands again in Rapid City in a couple of days. The whole area is part of Sturgis bike week and they are catching some of it this year. Neat stuff.

They are about one day behind me, playing Missoula tonight and Sheridan, Wyoming tomorrow night then catching up with me in Rapid on Thursday.

I am running interference, burning up the road for them.