Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Panther Piss - Today's Observations

Panther Piss

Yup, that's what it is.
Cheap gasoline that is.
When we were kids we often had to locate the cheapest gas station around and buy their gas.
We called it "panther piss".
"87" Octane...that's all you get folks!
A fine alliteration to be sure.

It wasn't the octane that warranted this classification in our minds.
It was more so the look of the dealership that made us question the quality of what came out of the pump.

Today, I ran low on gas again.
I was on a fairly remote stretch of Interstate 90.
So I had to stop and take what was available.
87 octane only... panther piss
I was thinking "My Hog is not going to forgive me for this".

I just put in a couple of gallons, honest!
Just enough to get me to Butte,
Where I loaded her up with the good stuff (91 octane).

She rewarded me by handling like a dream all day.
I rewarded her back by stopping in Butte and getting her an oil change,
"Synthetic only please".

Ohhhhh Montana!

Western Montana serves as proof that God rides a Harley.
After all, he must have created this state so he could ride through it now and then.
The mountains, the enormous sky... it's all there before, on, and after the Continental Divide.
Better than you will see it anywhere.
Cruising on the Interstate
(Only "the Shadow knows" who's got a grip)

Through Missoula, Bozeman, Butte and Billings.

The Interstate was smooth and fast,
Posted speed limit... 75.
I cruised it at around 7 over... all day.


At the cafe Elena,
I had trouble with the zipper on my vest.
The waitress came whipping around the counter
and fixed it for me, muttering that it always "happens to my husband".

They had huckleberry jam for the toast.
"Can I stay here forever?"
67 degrees at 11 AM.
I was thinking I was in heaven.

On Second Thought

When old pal Jack Ohl took me bass fishing Sunday evening,
He out-fished me 4 to 2.
Two of the bass he caught were right around 15 inches long
And weighed a pound and a half.

Now I ask you...
Is that any way to treat an old friend?
An old friend you haven't seen in 10-15 years?!
I think not.

More importantly, this serves as testimony to the versatility of the typical Harley rider.
That he can graciously handle this type of abuse.

Yellowstone Harley Davidson

Located in the Bozeman, Montana area.
These folks are truly a class act.
They had a drive-through tent set up.
It was there to protect visiting bikers and their rides from the weather.

When I asked the service manager if I could get an oil change
He volunteered that he would do it himself and fit it in between counter customers.
Around a half hour later, I was outta there... a happy camper
Thanks Yellowstone HD!

Around 400 miles today.
Tomorrow, another 400 miles or so...
Then Sturgis briefly and on to home base in Rapid City!

(Note for el Coyote - I visited three Harley dealerships today, Montana HD, Yellowstone HD and Beartooth HD. I bought you zero shirts. None. Nada. el Zippo. I am hoping to visit a number of other dealerships where I can also purchase no shirts for you.)


Annie K said...

(Who is this el Coyote, anyway?)Thanks for another great post!

TomC said...

Thanks Annie! I will get to "el Coyote" in today's post.

Anonymous said...

Poor "el Coyote"---no shirts?!
Tom, I'll learn this machine yet!!
The reading is great,so it's worth it--good job Tom. S>D> ME