Thursday, July 30, 2009

El Coyote

Alonzo "el Coyote" Munguia; of Spanish descent. His ancestors include Texas ranchers who owned thousands of acres of cattle ranches before the gringos moved in and invented Shiner beer. They were expert horsemen which is why I occasionally refer to him as "The Last Gaucho."
(photo: Two Badass bikers on the Snake River - L-R - El Coyote and Old Geezer)

His father was a career Army man. Coyote' was once a pro baseball player, a wiry second baseman. He is also a retired Teamster which is why I often claim he knows where Jimmy Hoffa's body is buried. He is a master mechanic and a history buff who vows to be a teacher in the next life. For now, he teaches Sunday school. He is also married to one of the best nurses who ever lived, Norma Mungia.

Alonso and I met about ten years ago at a cafe and meeting place for Sacramento Hog members who were gathering for an organized ride. We became fast friends when we realized we were both extremely high on the Harley-Davidson fanatic barometer.

We have ridden thousands of miles since and he is one of the main protagonists in my book, "Badass (The Harley Davidson Experience)".

Pause for a plug here: You can read all about it at I can honestly claim that this is the best selling pebble grain leather bound Harley Davidson book that was ever written. This is mainly because it is likely the only leather bound book of it's type.

Pause for schmaltz here: I believe if you have one friend of Al's caliber in your lifetime you are a very fortunate person. I am blessed to have enough, including my wife Julieann, to fill more than one hand. Of course I don't deserve it... that's where the luck comes in know what I mean?!

(Why this story? Annie K., a reader of this blog to whom I am most grateful asked about him. And thank you again Annie!)


Annie K said...

Hi Tom,
You wrote a great tribute! Thanks.

TomC said...

You are welcome Annie... now you 'know' Al.

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