Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Grasshopper Moshing

First day of 3,000+ mile loop
Through Northern California
To Spokane then west to Sturgis
For for the Mother of all bike weeks

Near southern Oregon fields
The Harley and I
Encountered our first herd of grasshoppers
In all my years of riding

I say 'herd' because those puppies were BIG
They were big, they were tough
And they knew how to hurt you

They must have been moshing over the highway
Because when I arrived they started moshing me
They were moshing so hard they disintegrated when they bounced off me

Took me an hour and a half to clean those mooshed moshers off the bike.

Must have been damn good music...


Annie K said...

Hi Tom,
I'm enjoying your posts about Sturgis. I hope you don't mind, I mention your ride on my blog, and I've posted a link to Harley and Me in the post. ~ Annie

TomC said...

Thank you for visiting, and reading Annie. I appreciate the mention on your blog as well. I already heard from "Julie" who is a pal or reader or both... of yours. - Tom